Don't shush me!

...because it's already happened in restaurants, movie theaters, and most recently, at a Broadway show.

At any given moment of the day, there are an infinite number of disconnected thoughts swirling around in my brain. This blog is an attempt at a semblance of peace of mind; a good night's sleep wouldn't be so bad, either.


Dance the St. Vitus. Put, she, her hair up 
and then dropt

her skirt

down. Explosion, then stardust. Light bulbs lit

by sunset. Kisst, then

after, met. Glorious, to upset the small order of things.

Mistake the heart as inherently whole,
and you’ll waste your life trying to restore it. Instead,

assume the heart

starts out broken; 
you can spend a life making more and more of the pieces fit.

BBC’s David Attenborough narrates “Wonderful World”

I love this and didn’t know where else to share it. It should help with your case of the Mondays.

Some days, you have an overwhelming need to listen to “melancholy classical” on Spotify. Then you eventually pass an office window and are surprised to see the sun is out. And that surprise ultimately turns to gratitude when you need to take a walk for the sake of your sanity.

On Humor

husband: The problem isn’t the subject, it’s the execution.

me: That’s exactly how I feel about the French Revolution.

We strive for the heights but our natures betray us, Chamcha thought; clowns in search of crowns.
Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses (currently reading)